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The Institute of Film and TV located on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia, is a film school offering a unique education in broadcasting, film and television production. Our one of a kind Diploma of Screen and Media is a programme designed to obtain a prestigious qualification as the school is an Australian Government registered education institution.

Our film school offers professional and academic instruction in the arts and sciences of motion pictures and television through an innovative hands-on programme delivered by professionals.



Internship in Hollywood

Unlike any other college in Australia. the Institute of Film and TV allows students to experience an internship in Los Angeles LA, the centre of the American film activity and to be able to gain valuable experience first-hand in Hollywood. This way they will obtain the skills needed to go ahead and stand out from the competition in the film industry.

Film School in Australia

The film school provides a professional and creative approach to the study of film and TV and seeks to help the student discover their potential as artists and communicators. The programme is partnered with industry curriculum, practical hands-on with lecturers and a small group environment.

The Institute of Film and TV gives the students a first-class working understanding of the film and television industry, taught within an encouraging, friendly learning environment. Students at the film school will learn about the organisational, technical and creative elements of filmmaking and will be qualified and prepared to make an immediate and significant contribution to the entertainment industry.

The Diploma of Screen and Media offered by the film school is an intensive two-year course (4 - 6 terms per year) that covers all the major areas of film and television production. It is an extremely hands-on course, designed to provide students with the practical skills necessary to find work within the industry. In addition, there are recognised study pathways for this course and you may be able to get credit in a bachelor degree by completing the programme.

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Internships in Hollywood

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